About Us

How I got into Horticulture was simple. I loved it and still do. My late father Damian had a dear love for roses and he taught me how to grow my own vegetables as a young boy.

Yellow Rose

As I grew up I understood lots more and I filled our home with house plants and installed all the lawns and shrub beds at home. I did this because I was mesmerized by the way plants thrived and produced fruit and vegetables when given the correct care and conditions they needed. I still to this day get huge enjoyment from plantings and fruit bearing trees doing well, the same excitement I felt as a boy.

Horticulture was always my destiny and I have worked very hard through studying and gaining worldwide experience to fulfill my clients requests, and ultimately my own. With the use of hard landscaping, such as kerbing, garden walling, fencing and patios, the structure of any garden can be created and problem situations can be turned around to become beautiful garden features, when left in our very capable hands.

Peter McDwyer

Managing Director of Plantscapes Eireann