Hedge Cutting

Hedge Cutting Cavan

Hedge cutting can be very time consuming and difficult when the hedge is let grow too tall. We also plant or install a huge selection of hedging & screening. Whatever you & your property requires Plantscapes Eireann will be sure to accommodate. We can thin out screens or hedging because when it becomes too thick the foliage can block out the light for other plants which ultimately hinders flowers & plants below. We will selectively remove the excess, reducing & removing height therefore reshaping the look and feel of your garden for the better. We typically do this if trees are leaning one direction or are improperly weighted because of neglect or prevailing winds.

Dead Wooding
Dead wooding is essential for any garden development. Not only because removing the dead wood can prevent damage below to the sub garden (falling trees) but the “dead wood” could possibly be a source of infection, and can possibly infect other parts of your garden.

hedge cutting Cavan, Monaghan, Leitrim

Section Felling
Section felling is a hedge cutting technique where we can safely remove large and heavy branches from the tree so the surrounding garden features and structures are safe. We will carefully rope down pieces safely away from structures so that garden sheds & greenhouses are totally protected.