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Garden Maintenance Plans

Our garden maintenance service includes mowing and cultivating your lawn, laying brand new lawns using turf rolls and seed raking. We offer keen discounts to our customers who let us take the hassle out of lawn maintenance. We also take care of flower bed weeding and spraying for weeds. When we install flower and shrub beds we always use weed control fabric as standard to prevent the use of weed killer at a later stage in the garden’s development and flourishing. We service gardens across the country and many of our customers are from Cavan, Monaghan, Leitrim and across the border into Fermanagh. 

Lawn Care

Using our state-of-the-art lawn mowers we mow and manicure your lawn. We cut grass on edges using strimmers to cultivate that lovely manicured look. We fertilise your lawn and ensure that it’s  weed free for a lush and fertile lawnRegular mowing is advised to maintain this lush lawn quality and usually involves mowing of your lawn every 10 to 14 days. Our service includes Lawn Mowing, Dethatchig, Scarifing and Lawn Feeding.

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Soil Type

If you have a good lawn with lots of free draining then heavy rain should not have a huge effect on it. But if you have a heavy clay lawn with bad drainage then heavy rain can have a negative effect. It may mean a wet and sticky lawn and mowing can lead to tracks on the lawn. When reviewing a garden we look at the native weeds and plants in the area.

So for example, if you have rushes growing naturally you probably have heavy clay soil that holds moisture. This can problematic for mowing. To improve this situation we can add sand to the soil and drain it. Conversely if you lawn is too sandy i.e. gardens that are situated close to a beach, soil can be too free draining and not hold enough moisture or nutrients. In the summer it can lead to drought or scorched earth.

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Weed Free Gardens

Weeds very quickly multiply and fall into 3 categories: Annual Weeds, Biennial Weeds
and Perennial Weeds.

Annual Weeds are easy to eradicate but multiple very quickly. For example early in the year we have Shepherds Purse and Groundsel which can multiply several times in the one time.

Biennial Weeds live for 2 years i.e. ragwort and spear thistle. These are slightly harder to control.

Perennial Weeds grow and live for 3 or more years and are more problematic as they are harder to destroy. Perennial Weeds can overwhelm a garden obviously stealing light, nutrients and water from other plants. They can smother your garden and include weeds such as Creeping Buttercup, Brambles, Nettles, Dockens, Thistles, Scutch Grass and Moss. But do not despair – we have several options for weed and moss removal in your garden.

1. Hand Picking – most environmentally friendly option
2. Strimming – causes smoke but still environmentally friendly
3. Herbicide Control – least environmentally friendly option

Hedge Cutting Cavan

Plant, Shrub & Hedge Care

Most plants flower and some are for  decorative foliage. They all need TLC and looking after. For a shrub to be healthy it needs food and if they get out of hand they must be pruned at the right time of the year. If a plant is getting boisterous and out of hand, it’s better to prune it after it flowers and gets into a vegetative state. Then it will grow to it’s proper flowering cycle for the next season. We are experts at understanding want plants need with regards to correct seasonal pruning and feeding. 

If a plant fails to flower or fruit it may be lacking in potash. Wood ash, from you fireplace for example, spread on the soil near the roots is a brilliant natural remedy for this issue. The plant’s roots soak up the ash and this acts as great a fertilizer.  We will keep an eye out for sick and unhealthy plants including hedges. A hedge could be attacked by a pest or have a fungal disease that needs to be treated before you lose them.  

Pruning of existing hedges and installation of new hedges
Light Hedge trimming is fine during the bird’s nesting season, however hard pruning is illegal then. It should be left between Sept to end of Feb, when there is no risk to the nesting birds. Click here for more information regarding our hedge cutting services.