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Patios & Paving

Bring the comfort of your home to the outdoors by installing the patio of your dreams. Or enjoy your Indian Summers with a beer and a barbie outdoors. We provide a wide range of patio services that include all types of patios installations and repairs. We use solid structures to send your garden in the direction that works for you. And we offer a wide variety of materials for edging that can beautifully encase and control your borders. 

Dry River Bed

Dry River Beds handles a common landscape challenge—drainage—with an easy-does-it approach that fits most budgets. In some situations, a dry river bed simply directs and disperses water that would normally puddle and stand a few days. In other cases, a dry bed transforms into a temporary stream. In the process, it adds beauty to the setting, whether wet or dry. If your yard is plagued with a soggy area after downpours or a slope that’s slowly eroding, a dry creek corrals and redirects water. By creating a channel, a dry creek drains water when insufficient slope fails to do so.
Ref: Better Homes and Gardens

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Edging & Walling

Edges around a shrub bed can really enhance the look of a garden and we offer a wide variety of aesthetic options to choose from. Walling is also a popular option we have a wide variety of styles and materials to build the right wall for you. Walling and can be so much better than a timber retaining wall, as it lasts forever. 

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A rockery, or rock garden, is a striking addition to any garden. The purpose of a rockery is to re-create the mountainous environment that Alpine plants grow in, crucially with plenty of sunlight and very good drainage. They also add structure and create a focal point in the garden and, once established, are very low maintenance.

The small cracks and crevices created in the construction of a rockery can also provide habitats for small insects, while butterflies will rest in the sun on the larger rocks. To attract wildlife to your rockery, choose alpine plants and wildflowers that provide a source of pollen and nectar.

Ref: Gardener’s World

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